well, I met him about 3 years ago. We were both drawing the same things and struck up a conversation, we became friends. When the year ended though we were supposed to be going to a different school. That next year I found out he was actually in the same school as me. This school had around 3,000 students so it wasn't hard to lose people, it was also my freshman year.

He asked me out, right in front of my friends, so feeling pressured I said yes. He'd hug me before every class, talk to me in the mornings, and sometimes even say goodbye at the end of the day. If I didn't do these rituals he'd become disgruntled, even violent. It was exhausting, no matter how many dates or events we went to I hardly felt that 'spark'. I could no longer keep up the charade; so after 2 years it finally ended.

I wasted 2 years trying, he of course still holds these feelings. Unfortunately we're still at this same school, meaning if I'm romantically into anyone he feels the need to ward them off. By force, persuasion or otherwise. I actually do have someone in mind, of the same gender too. He's always around, having a class with him doesn't help. I want him to just realize I seriously don't want anything from him but friendship if even that. That the person I 'like' of the same gender isn't a joke. I don't need his christian statements about how 'pure' a person is based on virginity or abstinence.

I'm leading my life, not him now matter what he thinks.
0ct0pus 0ct0pus
18-21, F
Aug 23, 2014