I Don't Unless I'm Expecting Someone.

If I'm expecting someone, like if my mom calls a serivce person to the house to fix something, I don't answer the door. 

If I hear a knock, I creep to a window and peek out to see who's car it is.  One time someone knocked on my door for ten mins.  I knew they'd heard us in there because my brother was watching TV on full blast and we all ran when we heard the knock.  I don't know why, I just don't like unexpected company.

One time I was laying my brothers down for a nap.  My house was DESTROYED.  I heard someone banging on my front door.  I thought it was the childrren's maternal grandmother and I don't let anyone in my house if it's dirty, that's a rule my mom has set, so I stayed in the bed with the baby.  A few minutes later I heard someone come in my back door! Then a voice yelled my name.  It was my friend.  She had walked right up in my house with her boyfriend! 

Not only was my house disgusting, but I didn't have a bra on or makeup.  I was so embarrassed.  So, from that point forward, I lock all the doors when I am home during the day and don't unlock them until it is time for my brother and sister to come back from school.

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4 Responses Mar 24, 2009

With exception to the raping part, since I am a guy, I feel much the same way. In person I am pretty sociable. But in my own house, I prefer to be left alone.<br />
<br />
It is like my domain. Don't mess with me there.

I just always feel so uncomfortable when people other than my family are in my home. I feel like they've got to be entertained. Or if it's a service person then I'm afraid they'll rape me or some crazy crap.

You know I hate answering the door. If it is not a religious group, it is door to door sales. My neighbors have failed to clue in to this yet, and they keep banging on the door.<br />
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I am not a timid person. I just don't like answering the door. Its like a violation of my sanctuary, and a potential danger for other things.<br />
- AND I am a guy!

Aww that sucks! I just hate when people show up unexpectedly, and then expect entertainment. UGH! I'm just really short and show the person how annoyed I am so they'll leave! LOL!