*Click* *snap!* *flash*

I don't see the point in smiling for a camera, when you don't feel like smiling. And I don't see why people get annoyed with me, because I don't like being photographed. I'm not a picture perfect person. Some people can just look good on pictures. I can't. It's not something I like. If maybe people deleted the pictures I didn't like and took it again, better, then I'd be fine. But people never do that- they never understand how much you can hate a horrible picture, because it makes you feel bad, and so they KEEP it, and SHOW IT to people, which makes you feel worse about yourself.

That's another reason. If a picture is taken and it's bad- whats to stop that person showing it around? Nothing. It was taken by them so it belongs to them.

I find that's what a lot of people do. They take a picture, which is bad, on purpose, post it everywhere they can, and try to humiliate you. That's why I don't like to be photographed. I thought the reason we had memory's is to REMEMBER things. Just write it down- you don't need to SHOW people. Let them imagine what happened themselves.

I hate most noises- sometimes I'll go to the extreme to get away from noise. In our Music lesson, everyone was talking in the background. I already had a headache from the previous noising lesson which hadn't been as bad. Everyone was talking, and I had to practice my theme and varitation work. I couldn't do it. The room was so loud, that we had to turn the volume up loud on the keyboards too, so we could hear it. Which just made everything worse. I started crying I found it so horrible. I even got sent home because my head was so bad...

Which leads me to: The camera. It clicks, snaps, flashes, and makes those irritating little noises... I don't like it- I don't know who would...

Some things are better off remembered, and not photographed.

DanielxKatie DanielxKatie
13-15, F
Mar 8, 2009