You Have To Watch Out For The Quiet Ones...

A certain member of this site finds all of the groups relating to me and posts stories about how you can be saved if you turn to God. They do not even know me or have ever contacted me. Clearly, my avatar attracts zealots. Every time I voice my dislike, my comments are deleted.

If they do not stop, they will be the only person on my block list.


EDIT: User has apologised, thank you....but my point is still valid. God is of our individual interpretation and nobody has the right to preach to the unwilling.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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4 Responses Dec 11, 2009

my God saved me once, I fell down a well and he started barking....oh sorry i'm dyslexic I ment dog

To be honest, though, I must say those preachers sometimes make my mouth crack into a slanted grin. <br />
When I'm bogged down into my imagination-fuelled despair, and I hear their own suffering dressed up as salvation rant I can't help but smile, and think we're all damn crazy.

I believe the Goddess loves everyone. Ha! Some of these true believers will be disappointed to discover that even pagans like you and I are welcome in Summerland (Whatever)...DD

YOU WILL BE SAVED, TRW! lol. um. kidding :) i won't preach. people preaching to me over the internet is terrible... i just can't stand it... haha.