Cut It Out, All The Touchy Feely ....really

I've been like this for a great deal of my life, I dont like to be touched, hugged, held, caressed, dont like to be kissed on the kneck, dont like to be tickled, don't like fingers running through my hair, dont like a long *** stare, i just dont like to be bothered. period.
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3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

I understand.

lol I am the same way :-)

Do you hate any person doing that?
I dont like strangers touching me being guys or girls. I hate when my friends wives put their hands on me. I could kill someone that touches me in a club. that is the all time worst. Every time i go to the bathroom i find that im the only guy that washes his hands after im done. But i dont mind if someone i know touches me. You seem to sound like you dont want anyone at all..

well yeah all the things you have just said goes for me as well. I dont like strangers touching or looking at me too long. it makes me have visions of violence and killing them. i dont even go to clubs anymore due to the fact that people almost always try to put their hands on you, and make it seem like an accident.

i had a man once touch my back while i was on a bar stool and he said "damn your back is hard as ****, i dont think i should **** with you, you migh kick my ***" and i said " maybe" he quickly lifted his hand.

yeah guy sometimes think girls are dumb and everything is an accident lol just like when girls try to get your attention and they cant use their brain and just rub their breasts on your arm.. i went to see a friend of mine thats a security guard at a club. i couldnt do his job. he is starting to have a complex about anyone touching him.