Let’s Hear The Other Voice! :D

It is not that I don’t like to block people but I believe that the blocking tool has got a job but it is not a game lol :P

I believe we shouldn’t block anyone; I just block the people who force me to do so, until now I just blocked two people:

A girl who asked me to stay away from her so I’m just giving her what she wants!

And an atheist guy who forced me to do so lol!

Why did I block him?

It started when I wrote a story about Muslim Women, he disagreed with me and we had very long conversations in my story, and I never thought of blocking him because of that, I like to debate people, and if anyone wants to disagree with me, I say bring it on!

The problem is that he chickened out and sent me a message asking me to end the discussion and delete the comments, I told him nope let’s leave the comments and if you don’t want to discuss with me nobody is forcing you!

At the end he had to delete the comments himself because anyone will read them will laugh so hard as he totally got beaten loool :P *being cocky* , I said okay fine this is an admission from him that I won :P

Then he continued to send me messages trying to convince me to be an atheist haha still I replied him and discussed with him in private messages about Islam and the atheistic idea, but at the end he stopped discussing and started to insult me and insult Islam, so without a word I BLOCKED HIM! :D

Now why I’m telling this story?

I want to say that I ONLY block the disrespectful people, I believe it is stupid to block anyone who has different opinions and views from you, because the purpose of writing is to present your opinions to the world, and I don’t see the point of only speaking to the people who agree with you, we haven’t accomplished anything then!!

Now I come across many Islamophobes, Anti-Islam, and Anti-Palestine people on EP, and I always comment and reply them, but I never block them because those are the people who I want them to read my stories and if they have got something to say, be my guest!

I’ll never shut out the opposite voices by blocking them, because I believe I’m speaking the truth, I welcome anyone wants to discuss, but once you discuss disrespectfully and stop discussing and start fighting you’ll be blocked! :)
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1 Response Sep 17, 2011

LOL!!! two thumbs up and HUGE VIRTUAL HUGS TO YOU! miss you girl! And you are -waitforit-AWESOME!!! :D

hahahahah Oh sweetie! HUGE VIRTUAL HUGS FOR YOU TOO!! :D I wish you would go more online, it will be legne- daaaaaaaaaarrry! :D