I think it's childish and often collusive

"My fren blocked you so im blocking you too 'cos my fren says im not her fren if i don't do what she does and she's my fren so i blocked you too and she blocks when i block 'cos if she don't then she's not my fren neither".

Then there's the "I'm blocking you 'cos you don't agree with me".

and the "What? I never asked for honesty when folks respond".

and never forget the "I don't understand you, so im blocking you just in case".

and the biggest whip of all "I'm scared of you 'cos you expect me to be adult an reasonably sane in my responses".

Oh, c'mon blockers and haters... give me your worst and I'll still love you for the hurt human beings that you are and I'll still be smiling.

marmitemicky marmitemicky
66-70, M
2 Responses Aug 23, 2014

I hate blocking ppl even when they deserve to be blocked. I am the type of person who believes blocking is mean. Actually the first time I blocked someone I cried at the loss of the friendship 😔😔😔

Well said Micky!.............Life is so short. Why bother blocking people, especially if they can make temporary accounts to still get at you! :)