It's because I believe in forgiveness.

But if things get out of hand, and you continually harass or perv on me, I will block you. But that will take something serious for me to do that. I try my hardest to be patient and kind as long as possible. But being human, we all have our little moments. ;)

In a month or so, I will remove that block. Not so you can continue bothering me. So we can make amends. And possible become friends.

This may seem like a crazy idea. But my greatest friends were the ones who caused me trouble in the past or tried to attack me.

Plus, when someone feels hatred for me, I feel hatred on myself. It is my goal to be the best person I possibly can. I only want to do good in people's lives.

Honest, truthful, trustworthy, patient, forgiving, kind, caring, and humble..... And a few others.

Sometimes I do not act like these things. And that's because I am learning from my mistakes. If I have harmed you or cause you any trouble, I want to apologize. I don't even care who's fault it is. I will be the one to apologize.
Destinyyy Destinyyy
18-21, F
Aug 25, 2014