I really feel that ppl come here because they have their own problems. .they want to share their feelings with others. .or try to forget their pain for some items. ..sometimes they become emotional or maybe start to feel or depends on one specific person. .but not necessarily other person should feel the same way. ..but becoming rude to them is not appropriate I feel. .Of course we should stand our view clear. .but should not play with their emotions. .we should not block any of here..because they are becoming sweet to us..that's pathetic. ..we can speak less if we don't like. .I think we should be little more sensible as a human being. ..only if anyone intentionally disturb you. .that's different. .we are here to make good friends. ..not a enimy..we want get every ones blessing. .not others heat...or tear..we should not use others goodness as their weakness.
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Full marks smunai. ..... Claps for this post

hi,, I'm Milan 27 yrs male from U.K,
interested in u

love your thoughts

Agree with you