Space. Please.

I'm sorry, but I don't need you hanging off of me every second of the day.  Snuggling while watching TV/Movies is one thing, but practically groping me in line at the super market is totally unacceptable.  I'm not going to vaporize if we aren't touching every second.  When it's a million degrees with the AC blaring, you don't need to be laying on top of me.  It's hot, it's uncomfortable, and I just want to sleep.

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i might be overreacting...O_O i usedto over react alot and jump to conclsions about things,ide make myself a nervous wreck..well i still jump to conclusions...what can i say women do that...what woman doesnt? sorry im kind offtopic...

thanks for thinkig this way......yes txting is different......hmmmmm.... i AM talking to somone..but he hasnt really talked to me much(you know who you are)...he says he is i doubt he like me anymore...oneday he told me i drove him wild...but well...its kinda unfair alittle bit...

Emailing, texting, and talking is one thing. Physically hanging on me is another. When I'm interested in a girl, I like to spend time with her, talk to her, etc. But I just don't want to be pysically touching every moment.

hmm.....i have trust issues too....knowones cheated on me or anyting..but im always afraid that kinda stuff will i dont know.......notthat repheated emails or texting ever stopped anyone i dont know why i do it...evn whn im busy snd stuff...i STILL want to do it...its like i feel disconnected to them when im not emailing ..many reasons...used to be alot worst then it is now...

I have trust issues. It takes time for me to warm up to someone, unless it's just a casual thing. And even that isn't's just making out, or more. It isn't the same thing as having a girl hang on me all day, which I don't like at all.

what the first few month in a relationship?? the first few days when me and richard met,we coundnt keep our hands off eachother?? thats not cliny....its attraction...dont you ever feel that?? i mean EVERYONE is like that for a while arent they??

show me a man who im not gunna end up losing when we dont talk for a long time?? it seems when i give space to a guy..its always worked against me..maybe i havnt met a confident enought man or something? lol cuz something wrong..

I'm not saying I don't want to see a girl every night and spend time with them, I just don't want to be touching every moment we are together. Going to the bathroom should not be the only time I don't have someone's hands all over me.

haha.....hmmmmmm...this sorta made me my former bf, i hung off him like an 8 yr old lol seriously!! lol one nght he got mad at me tho,i wanted to cuddle with him on the but how can i not be like this??): im at a different piont in my life now were im not so preoccupide with being with someone,i was ALOT more clingy before....but i find its still with me...i still push people away even when im not trying canyou not be clingy with someone you like?? and want to be romantic with?? ive done it both ways....i find i get burned either way): ive waited and WAITED, ive been him 'space' like he wanted.. 2 weeks of hardly talking to me and vise versa..that that person didnt think it was 'right' to date me..i get burned when i give 'space' to what am i supposed to do? either way nothing ever works...