And Won't

I like having my space even when I am in a relationship. I don't want a man that is following me around like a puppy dog and hanging on my every word.  I want him to have his own interests and to pursue them.  If I feel a person is being too clingy I quickly start looking for the nearest exit. That is just me though and I am sure there are some women that want a man around them 24/7.

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8 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Thats what bikes are for

Lol I love bikes.

LOL Fer!<br />
<br />
It is scary SF.

lol hahaha nice with the fabic softener

True. Especially if they have violent tendencies.

Oh yes, and extremely jealous men are dangerous too.

Clingy girls can be just as bad. And when you mix clingy with posessive and jealous...can we say PSYCHO?

I use fabric softener in every load of clothes. My clothes don't cling and I don't want my man to cling either lol.

hahaha i'm the same way....clingy bf's r just pathetic. and really really irritating in my opinion