I Don't Like Driving

Im 21 years old and I don't like admitting this but driving is stressfull for me. There are so many things you have to do like look forward for any crazy drivers, look in your rear view mirror and side mirrors when changing lanes. Be alert and aware of those people that speed and tailgate and also those people that like to go really slow and brake in front of you for no reason. I also hate almost getting into accidents or when people honk or get pissed off at you it only makes things worse. I can drive and I have only gotten in an accident once when this guy was turning left and didn't signal he just stopped in the middle of the road. I believe in God and know God has saved me multiple times from accidents. Since my weakness is driving it is where God is strong in my life, in the sense that it teaches me to trust in Him and pray for safety. I am blessed and thank the Lord for His help to be strong and courageous, driving is just something I am still working on with Him to stop dreading it. I am always amazed when friends talk about long road trips they drove on, it's like I also am horrible with directions and only know my home town. Everyone else seems to act like driving is nothing I don't get it. Anyways my iPhone is another thing I have to look at since Google maps doesn't speak to me which can't be good. I probably should just get a GPS app or device but ya. Please be honest in your response I need some sympathy!
GabrielThe777 GabrielThe777
18-21, M
Jan 12, 2013