It is a strange word made to express a simple idea. To me....to dwell is like picking a scab off of a huge wound again and again. You know you are hurt but you are continually adding to the pain and not letting it heal...leaving the scar that you will carry forever so as not to forget totally...but knowing it didn't kill you it just added to your life experience.
To dwell is to keep thinking over ideas or happenings that probably are in the past. How will that help your life today? It can keep you angry, it can keep you hurting, it can keep you mad at the world. Then you miss the little moments that are continually placing themselves in your life, but you miss them....the very things that could help you to heal. This is not to say to forget your past, but to dwell to me means you give problems of the past the ability to stop your progress of your future.
rowenbumble rowenbumble
56-60, F
Jan 6, 2013