No Argument Here

When I feel strongly about something I will state my opinion. That's a huge improvement from when I was younger.  After a lifetime of being told how "stupid" I was by family members I decided to keep my opinions to myself.  After all, if my own family (who supposedly loved me) thought I was an idiot, then why wouldn't the rest of the population?  It took many years and a lot of therapy for me to finally decide that I am worthwhile, and so is my opinion.  Having said that, I don't go out in search of arguments with those who oppose.  They have the right to their opinions, too.  I also don't get into debates with people on issues.  I've found that usually those people are either trying to prove how intelligent they are (or believe they are), or convert me into their way of thinking. Some may even be trying to do what my family did so well: trying to make me believe that I'm stupid.  I am always willing to listen to another point of view.  There are even occasions when I change my way of thinking.  However, it's not due to the fact that someone has bullied me into conversion.     
okcgal61 okcgal61
51-55, F
Jan 9, 2013