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I will try to avoid killing creatures whenever possible. I usually catch spiders in a cup or glass before putting them out of the window, I just couldn't squish them.  I get rid of wasps by shouting at them and telling them to go away, which mostly works.  Flapping at them and getting annoyed just makes them attack anyway.

I live in a country which doesn't suffer plagues of anything too horrific ... ants maybe in the summer, but generally that's about it.  I've never had to deal with cockroaches really, and I think I'm glad that I haven't! 

Anything bigger, like mice for example, I have managed to control by keeping a cat - this might seem like passing the buck! lol ... but even the presence of a cat mostly keeps vermin at bay. 

I stayed in a friend's house once that had a mouse problem and she laid down poison for them all over.  The end result was horrific with dozens of dying mice lying around the place, it was awful.  

I do my best not to be cruel, but I suppose in an extreme situation I might need to take action of some sort, but luckily I haven't had to deal with being over-run with rats or mice.   

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I'm doing the same. Spiders can stay inside, I catch wasps and bees with a glass and a sheet of paper.

I usually do the same thing, unless it's something that could kill me. Rattlers and copperheads are quite common in Texas and their bite could be deadly. Still, like your cat thing, I have a big king snake that has taken refuge under my house and had babies. King snakes are not dangerous to humans and they eat mice and poisonous snakes. I get so mad when people kill a king snake, because it is just pure ignorance.

I think king snakes are beautiful, but yes they can get huge and scary to some. Their handy creatures to have around.

I totally have to try yelling at wasps!! :D I can just see me out hiking and stopping short to yell at one....Hubs'll have me in a straight jacket in no time flat!! :D Sorta like bondage!! It could maybe be FUN!! ;)

I've never been big on killing things either but after I payed for what the little chewing buggars did to some wiring a few years back when one took up housekeeping in our garage... I did run out and grab some humane traps that catch them and then you drive them at least 5 miles away and release them...Hubs isn't as thoughtful as me....I won't tell ya what he wanted to do to them...:O

We've been lucky since then....I would totally freak out with roaches...YUCK!!

So, you can actually get rid of WASPs by yelling at them? Does it work on other denominations too?

Seriously though, I try not to exterminate if at all possible. I recently had a small visitor (a mouse). I didn't really want to kill the little bugger, so I managed to trap him alive and release him outside.

I try my best to avoid killing things on purpose if i do it's because i've accidentally stood on them.

Yes, same here Gazza. :)

I am the same I take spiders out the bath tub to the garden. <br />
<br />
Horrible time in the summer when the cat kept bringing me gifts of live injured voles : (

yes, cats do love to bring gifts don't they? I stood on a half chewed mouse one time that the cat had left next to my bed ... ewww ... in bare feet too of course ...


I nearly stood on gigantic toad sitting on door mat .. waiting to come in!

AND a HUGE dead rat outside my neighbours house the other day :(

Did you invite the toad in?? (of course you did, and offered him a cup of tea no doubt - I know I would have!) lol

I picked him up and put him somewhere safer :)

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