I Run Away....

I don't like to lean on people, because I don't want to be a burdon, or a bother. I don't like going to people when I need them the most. I hate that I push people away when I need them the most, but I much rather, push opeople away, and have them mad and hate me, rather than, feel like I am a bother,
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1 Response Aug 14, 2010

Not to be an @ss or anything, but where in the are you going to run to? You can't run from yourself, Stand up, dust the hell off and move on with life..not with some guy just so you aren't alone..not with some drug habit, alcohol or whatever..stand up and fight for yourself..Screw everybody else right now..Don't run or push folks away, they are more than willing to wave bye..If you aren't happy with you..then YOU need to find out what needs to change, to be. *Smile*