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Always felt ugly Ever since High school Always throught i was Always will Find it very hard to make Friends for that Reason no one likes Speaking to me i Droped out cos i was casted out i dont leave my house hardly I DO NOT like what i see in the mirroir
alucardx alucardx 18-21, M 6 Responses Nov 30, 2010

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alucardx, don't listen to these dilusional do-gooders, they are just good looking people that just don't know what they're talking about. I am a disgustingly ugly man, and let me tell you us ugly people will never be accepted in society. Its best to stay indoors where its safe.

I'd like to give 'em a taste of their own medicine.

Try telling that to my step mom mand all the people who bylled me

That's not what I or anybody on here see's.<br />
I honestly don't know why you think of yourself that way.

all i see is a ugly fat guy

You're anything but ugly, don't ever let anyone put you down.<br />
Seriously, you should go and take a look at yourself in the mirror right now and see just how amazing and really good looking you are cause it's true.