I See Two Sides

Sometimes I feel confidant and beautiful but most often I feel repulsed by my looks. I feel that my face is too chubby or my lips to big. I would look at the girls that are always perfect looking in envy. People would flock to them as if they were honey-talking to them first. I would always be that person who has to go up to someone first to make a conversation.I would always keep quiet and to myself because whenever I stated my opinion on matter they always seemed to negative or controversial for people to like, then people would avoid me. But when I looked at these Barbie girls- it seemed that no matter what they said or did they would get away with it. All it took was the fluttering of their lashes and a little sweet talk. When I dress up I feel beautiful- but after the magic is gone it goes back to the ugly ol' me. One part of me is the confidant the other has much to be desired. Perhaps I'm bi-polar? Still, I often wonder why I can't all just be beautiful all the time. And please don't give me that "your beautiful on the inside" because we all know the. We are conceited by nature we look for beauty in others as well as ourselves, it is human nature that we are selfish and always want more. Perhaps it just that I am an oxymoron- both beautiful and ugly?
Two sides of the same coin...
LiesandLace LiesandLace 18-21 6 Responses Apr 10, 2011

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its not whats on the outside that counts but on the inside,Beauty will fade with age but personality is like good wine improves with age so please remember the ugly duckling it applies to looks and personality which I bet you have a great big heart ful.

I used to tell myself that often but you are right the personality of a person should count as well. But to bad I have a rotten one :P People with beauty get many more advantages in life I have seen it first hand.

I don't want those kind of comments

I bet if you post a photo that you'll get good comments

Personality is what counts the most. Be friendly , smile a bit. these cont more than looks. Be healthy, exercise, go to a gym, meet people there , Just chat, ask if they know others there, Another place to go is the public library, smile and talk as you select a book

I find women very friendly in a supermarket choosing groceries. I ask their advice , they know more then I do.

Dont be cynical, it hangs out. A smile can get you a friend.

My friend, I would like to change things about my looks also. Everybody would like to change something about themselves, believe me because it's true. I'm noy attracted to the barbie doll type myself. I like a woman wiyh a little meat on her. These runway models are not attractive to me. I have to say that attitude on the plainest girl is very attractive to me. If people see you like yourself and are confident, they will be attracted to that. Attitude is very important..I have to admit that I don't follow my own advise because I'm just not a very confident person myself and I'm submissive which may explain my attraction to cocky women.

There are beautiful women and there are the rest. Few are really beautiful.

Men are atracted by many things as well as the face. There are no typical women all differ. There is a man for each one. Look at ome married women and figure how they got married.

There are many ways to catch a man , you just need the right bait. It is not yr face, it is th43e complete package. which includes the right attitude.

I see a woman I like and I smile at her and she smiles back and we talk. Her face is not tht important. Her attitude is. It is the complete woman that counts. Believe me.