"What Color Are My Eyes?"

It has always been kinda hard for me to do. Not really sure why but when I am speaking to some one at my work I really have to strain to keep looking in their eyes. I am always wandering off, looking in the distance, and around me.  I could speak with some one and not be able to tell you what color their eyes are.
allyKat allyKat
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 10, 2007

There are 2 things I've noticed that make it difficult for people to look others in the eyes. One is if the person has ADD, but if you know that's not the case and you know that you can remember what the conversation was about even though you weren't looking them in the eye then I bet you have low selfesteam. That's a big one. Usually people with low selfesteam can't look another in the eyes when they are talking to them. I guess it's because they feel so badly about themselves that they (subconsciencely) think they are aren't as good as the person they are talking to. Make since?