Overwhelming and Intimate

Oh wow - I agree.  I am not good at making eye contact at all.  I know this is a weakness of mine and is not a good attribute to have in the business world, but I just do not like making eye contact at all.  When I walk down the halls, I look at the ground and avoid looking at people.  When people talk to me one on one, my eyes dart around or I have to pick a spot on a table or a wall to stare so I can concentrate.  I force myself to look in their eyes once or twice so they'll know I'm trustworthy, but all my momentum is compelling me to do the opposite.  Looking people in the eyes feels too intimate to me, too revealing.  I'm also so overly sensitive that I pick up on their every nuance, which is so easily communicated through the eyes, and I feel overloaded with their thoughts and feelings... I can't concentrate on the conversation as a result.  I have to *not* make eye contact in order to focus on what they are saying!  Otherwise, it is just too overwhelming and I feel like my mind is flooded with all of their hidden thoughts and emotions.
neptuneboy neptuneboy
31-35, M
Jul 17, 2007