Some Situations!

I love making eye contact in arguments or with people i love!!

But i have been pulled up on it at work n i cant do it! I'm a nursery nurse and i have to talk to the parents n i have been getting away with just looking at the children when talking to cover up my little paranoia but 1 parent has complained (i don't know if its me) n now i have to look the parents in the eyes as I'm talking to them!!!

I find it so difficult as i do get paranoid about it n i really don't know why!!!
sazead sazead
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2 Responses Jul 18, 2007

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yeah, it can be hard for me too, sometimes. its usually when i'm talking to someone for a while. my eyes just eventually slide over to focus on one eye - and its even worse when they are staring RIGHT IN YOUR EYES and it seems like they're not even bl<x>inking!

I have been working on this by just trying to focus on their face. But then sometimes I forget what the person is even saying cause I am trying to concentrate on looking at them. its a double-edged sword I guess.