When I was growing up, eye contact earned me an ***-kicking, from the other children. So, I grew up fearing it! It even got so bad, that I was afraid to look into the eyes of people on tv. :-o

Then one day, I thought, "This is silly! The people in the television can't hurt me!" I began to make eye contact with the people on tv and in movies. And then it got a little easier for me to make eye contact in real life, once again. :-)

But then, another set-back... people could see my sadness and kindness in my eyes. And they took advantage! So... I began to hide my eyes from people again. I still do. Sometimes, when I feel comfortable enough around a person, I will make eye contact. But it's not constant... that little anxiety, that they will see how vulnerable I am and take advantage, creeps up on me often. :-/

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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

I used to have that problem. Then I thought to myself "you are as good as anyone else!'' It is a self esteem issue. You look everyone in the eye and remember how valued you are! You are special so have that attitude! It works