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I went through a huge faze about having my photo taken n that is why my childhood is missing from 12 - 18! i have a few photos but not as many as my sister as she didn't mind!!

I look back now at my empty photo album n wish i was braver to have the photos taken as i have only got memories in my mid n they are faded very quickly n i haven't got anything to remember them by only an excuse for not having my photo taken!!!

For some reason recently i have become a poser! if anyone has a camera i will jump into photos!!
My family n friends have so many photos of a group or someone n me in it even if it is just my hand or head etc i just have to be there!!

I feel so much more confident if a camera comes out now n i really don't mind at all!!
I have learnt that even if i don't have a photo taken that i still am this size n everyone sees me now so how come they cant see me on a photo!!
sazead sazead
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1 Response Mar 11, 2007

lol, I was the same way. I guess the events the pics where being taken, I didn't want to be apart of. But I wish I had pics for the good times.