A Bad Memory.

Well for an exhibitionist this is an odd group to be in. The truth is that posing in front of a camera has bad memories for me. When I was a lot younger I discovered I loved being naked, especially if others were looking at me. I had a few adolescent dares and stripping games but nothing really, well mature.
I was about 18 and working in an office building a short walk from where I lived. Every day I passed a photographic studio. It was in an old office building, there was a sign on the door and usually a few notices and offers etc. One day I was passing and they had an advertisement for models. I took the phone number and rang them, to see what it was all about. Anyway, they were looking for models for different shoots. My ears pricked up and I got exited when he mentioned glamour and nude work.
So that is how it started. I started off with lingerie for a professional photographer, then did some art nude work and then started to get more offers. I lied to my parents and told them I working overtime. Anyway I stared accepting work not directly through the studio, friends of clients etc. Then I met the other side of this world. Some of the shoots I was doing were with pervy old men, who were more interested in me than the photography. Worse than that they wanted me do do *********** and do hard solo, boy-girl or girl-girl shoots. I refused but some were not too nice.
Then my parents found out. The arguments were horrific, so after that posing for there camera sometimes brings back bad memories.
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

That is very unfortunate. I am a professional photographer, seriously, and I have done several "Boudoir" photo shoots for women that wanted the pictures for boyfriends and husbands. From sexy lingerie to full nudity. Any professional photographer will tell you that it is strictly professional and never any interaction with the ones being photographed. I have also done some for men. No, it is not my primary field but I do have all the studio lighting and pro digital cameras as I do mostly Commercial/Industrial, Advertising, Product and Aerial work as well as several weddings a year.

I'm sorry that you had the experience. With that background, I can well understand an aversion to beiing photographed.