I'm one of many who feel t...

I'm one of many who feel they don't look good in pictures.  I hate having to fake smile for pictures as well.   I've also discovered I very much dislike those photo shoots where they tell you how you're supposed to look.  The picture then looks genuine, but it's just a load of crap.

I have a picture of me looking at my husband.  I have my fake smile on my face, while my knees are absolutely killing me.  You don't see it in the picture, but they placed both of us on our knees looking at one another.

For the untrained eye, we both look quite happy.  Those who know me, recognize the "Get me the hell out of here" look in my eyes.
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1 Response Jun 25, 2007

The secret to great pictures of yourself is to practice. It may feel vain, but sitting with a mirror until you get a plastic smile that you like, and can flash a the drop of a hat can cure bad picture syndrome.