Cue Awkward Angle...

I am definitely not one of those who pose and pout for the camera. I can't do it - I really can't. My sister is a natural - she's the typical myspace cam-***** - sometimes she'll disappear for an hr into our bedroom, and emerge later with some suspicious smudgy makeup lingering on her eyes, and fancy new mobile in tow with fresh photos ready to be loaded on to her bebo and myspace.

I feel very awkward when told to "pose!" or "do something [funny/cute]! grrr...I won't! My sister the cam-***** insists I'm photogenic, but honestly, that was my pre-teen-skin period. Anyone can look nice then.

Practice, practice - well, I can't say I haven't tried. Results? I look nice in the mirror, but it never translate to the photo.

It would be nice if I knew how to "treat the camera like a friend". Maybe then I'd have more photos of me and my friends, and I'd be more into the whole myspace/bebo thing...actually, I take that [the latter] back. But you get what I'm saying.

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1 Response Jul 24, 2007

If you really want to learn to look good in photos, the mirror won't cut it. Get a friend with a digital and start posing. Yes, there will be several photos that make you look ridiculous. Feel free to delete these (make sure you look at them on a computer screen first!) Discover the poses that you like, then go for round two and try to recreate these. It may take a few hours, but by the end of it, you will be able to snap to a pose that you like. Just try to have more than one so you don't start looking the exact same in every picture ;-P