Never Have...

I've never been big on showing emotion. One because I don't like to. The way I look at it I have to have complete control (I know that's dumb but it's what I think) I have to control how I feel and what people know about how I feel. But not only do I not like to show them to be honest I don't know how. I think over the years of controling myself I just kind of forgot how to let myself react. I wonder sometimes if I made a bad choice controling myself as much as I did.
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Don't worry, I think I might be worse.
I hate showing emotions, so instead, I act like I do. And let me tell you, if I was an actress I think I would have won many Oscars by now. I am so believable that even I can convince myself. But when I'm alone, I'm dead... I guess having all these experiences I went through, it made me who I am now :)

I think a lot of people have these issues... There were several years my emotions were "shut off" because i couldnt handle them.... then when i got older i couldnt hold them all back and they took them over- i still have a really hard time dealing with emotions.. <br />
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Good luck.