Like a Bird

[I watch too much animal planet, and discovery channel.... just getting that out of the way =P] Birds chose to hide whenever they are feeling sick, or bad for as long as possible, usually until their illness becomes too out of hand, and fatal. They don't show their illnesses because of how fragile they are. Their predators would seize the opportunity too quickly. I almost feel the same way. I chose to open up, and show emotion only to a select few people, and when we are out of public eye. I suppose I find the nickname "Peacock" fitting... =P

This little trait of mine frustrates some of my... less close... friends. I suppose they just don't understand it. But the ones that are very close still don't see all of my emotions. I like to hide any major emotion until it calms down, and I can deal with it. Time can be a friend or a foe here...
Kagit Kagit
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 29, 2007

Aw, I'm sorry Rosygal. That sounds like a hard lesson to learn that way. But thanks for the advice. That's how I see this, you just put it to words.

You are wise to proyect your feelings, most people dont see others feelings because they are to wrapped up in their own, Only share your inner most with those you know will listen and not judge. I learnt that lesson the hard way.