I Keep Them Locked Inside.

Not to say that emotional people are weak (I don't think that at all), but I personally feel that showing my emotions would make me  seem weak. I don't care much of what people think of me, it is more to do with feeling and being vulnerable. There are very few people who I feel safe being vulnerable with and even then I still limit what emotion I show.
randomdriftwood randomdriftwood
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1 Response Aug 3, 2007

Exactly...it's really hard to show what you feel because then you feel vunerable to what may happen to you.<br />
Somwtimes this happens when we're hurt before when we trusted someone and we're vunerable around them...<br />
Don't know if that's your case<br />
The truth is that no matter what we have to keep trying to be more open, no matter how hard it is to show our feelings.<br />
<br />
Bless you!<br />