I Love The Feeling Of The One I Love Holding Me When I Sleep, I Miss It!

Since I left my sons father I spent the last 4 years of my life sleeping alone, so cold my bed was and how lonely I felt. 
I waited 2 and 1/2 years for my recent ex as of Friday to be released from prison,  since he was released 6/10/2010 I spent every night wrapped tightly in his arms for the last month, the feeling of his love embracing me as I slowly drifted of to sleep was indescribable.
I was able to sleep more soundly with him next to me and when mornings came It felt like i had been sleeping in the clouds of heaven,
every morning waking up next to him, knowing that I had him to lean over to and kiss his face is what I looked forward to most., Knowing I had him to wake up to with his arms wrapped around me, holding me with all his love,I miss it more then ever !  My heart breaks thinking of how false his love really was!
I wish I would have thrown out the cell phone he found in his tool box at his job, maybe if I had done  that I could have prevented him from reuniting with the monster that I knew from the moment I met her would take him from me.  It only took  9 days for my worst fears to come true.
So many broken promises he made to me, and so many dreams he has shattered! 

Having someone who you love and who truly loves you equally in return,  holding you tightly in their arms at night is a feeling no one should have to live without.

I cant sleep, I have nightmares, I cant eat, I get naucious, and my heart feels so empty, a lonely bed is a very sad bed for anyone!

LaurenNaomi LaurenNaomi
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2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

I know how you feel. I too miss the person who laid there beside me..me beside him. The warmth of his body near mine. It took some time to try and adjust and it took along time before I could manage some sleep. Still working on this, but making some progress..Sleep is so essential to the demands I deal with. <br />
<br />
Hope the best for your recovery..sleep on it. Smiles.

In time all will become clear as to why he is no longer there. This way you will not be in harms way. Trust me on this.<br />
<br />
Other than this, I trust you have been just fine. Message me sometime.