Don'T Make Me Feel Alone

i used to love the dark and i used to love being alone
but not any more
i cant take it..i wanna cry every second of every day
im scared that i will lose every one i love so i dont like to sleep
i have very bad nightmares so i dont wanna sleep alone
i feel so alone
i miss my mom she would always be there and now she is not
i miss my daddy more then anyone will ever know
i never wanna be alone again but that will never happen
i hate feeling like this
i self harm and i have no idea why
i always wanna cry but i have no one to cry to
i don like feeling this way
i am sorry
Please dont make me feel alone
Flaky68 Flaky68
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 9, 2013

you'll never be alone im hee by ur side on te computer but im here for u