Sleeping Alone In Silence

I've always felt vulnerable at night when everyone's gone to bed... I don't like the total darkness, I don't like the eerie, heavy silence... it's those that bother me more than sleeping alone. I like some kind of sound to be going on at night; that way I can sleep. Thus, I like it when it rains, storms, when someone gets up- crazily enough, I even felt calmer when my roommates last year were up making noise! (after I learned to sleep through it, that is). I do feel less anxious now that I'm married and can sleep next to my husband, because he will protect me from anything and just having him next to me is like having a strong, safe place where no one can get in.
Christabel Christabel
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 28, 2007

I'm a teen, so I can't exactly control the fact that I sleep alone.<br />
But times like now; it's 2:17 am and everyone is asleep. I feel alone, vulnerable, and I get sad and anxious so easily. I guess it doesn't help that no one says goodnight to me when they're going to sleep, but still.<br />
Every night I snuggle to a pillow, but it just isn't enough. <br />

Sleeping alone makes me feel sad, in a way. It IS eerie. And when I'm having nightmares or anxiety about sleep paralysis, it makes it so much better just having someone there to hold me. I wish my boyfriend could stay every night so I could feel more protected, lol.

I completely agree! I hate having to sleep alone in a room [I've shared my room with my sister since before I could remember]. The silence is eerie. Even if it's just the sounds of her asleep, or the TV on down the hallway, I feel so much more comfortable.