I Am Me

i like social activity, like having some people watch something or just discuss things
do some sport activity
laugh together, cry, punch each other when need to, or do naughty thing to teacher or others friends
but i do those stuff with close friends whom i can trust too
whom we didnt waste time by shallow conversation
its not bad to hve simple conversation but when its too shallow that u can forget it by one wink isnt i want to
my family is a big one, they tend to make party in any event and gather people around
well my mom that basically is very very very socialist person keeps saying that my character is uniq but i need to know when i hve to be me or at least pretend to enjoy the party
yup i get what she meant, at last i came to the party, showed my face ..smiled? then disappeared
i love staring at sky, watching the peace clouds flying around 
or just wondering what will happen ten years ahead, or just hear music 
may be my mom isnt wrong afterall but i need to adapt more as long as im not losing my realself 

creamiecoffee creamiecoffee
May 7, 2012