I'm not a morning person at all. I hate it when my parents try to talk to me in the morning. I'm not awake untill I have something to eat. I hate how on th eweekends my mom likes to wake me up. I'm just not amorning person at all. I can be grumpy in the mornings. I also don't like to do anything on a empty stomick at all. My parents try to get m eto do things before I have had something to eat. I don't function in the morning. I hate having doctrors appointments in the mornings. Even though thats the best time to see the doctor. Get anything done at Primary Childrens hospital. I have a shirt that says. I'm a bear in the morning. I love it so much. I wish that I had one that says I'm a beare right now. Don't bother me.
acjf acjf
22-25, F
Aug 11, 2010