Today I had to give a speech at 11 am. 

I'm unfit for that.  I'm of no use before noon.  My voice was weak.  I was nervous. 

The morning serves to get me in balance and oriented.  What kind of day is it?  Who am I?  What have I done last night?  Does it have any consequences?  Which ones?  I need to rediscover myself every day.

Just leave me alone in the morning.  Let me drink my coffee.  Let me be a victim of my own dark thoughts and my despair.  After noon things will get better.  After sunset, they'll be right. 

I'll find myself in the evening or during the night.  Before that I'm my own orphan. 

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

You're funny...<br />
<br />
Thank goodness I only need about 2 hours of whatever time I wake up...and I should be........ bouncing all over! ;)

Maybe my evening will be fine, Bellas...<br />
Thank you for taking an interest...

I understand that feeling completely......Sorry you had a tough morning<br />
<br />
Hope the rest of your day got better .....