Ask and I Usually Deliver

I wouldn't call myself a slave by any means...but if you call and ask me to do something for you in a pinch and it's feasible for me (I'm physically able to do it) I'm THERE. If you call me, I'll take the time you need to talk. I don't end conversations early, leave early from a gathering or cancel because I just don't feel like doing something with or for you.

I have a therapist whom I'm not afraid to tell you about. She tell me I need to say "no" more often, do things for myself and put myself first sometimes. Selfishness isn't really in my blood and I already feel like I take time for me...time for me is helping other people because it makes me feel GOOD! Random acts, even...I don't do nicities for the glory and recognition. I do nice things, say nice things and support people who need it because...well, because I would like for someone to pay it forward. To do the same thing for SOMEONE ELSE, not necessarily me.

They say happiness and goodness spreads...somehow mine always seems to hit a brick wall somewhere...gets to someone who doesn't do the duty of PIF. I keep trying and hope you will, too. Maybe one of these days the PIF movement will win out over those pesky brick walls.

If you read this far, you just did a nice thing for me...thank you.

1tufcuky 1tufcuky
36-40, F
1 Response Feb 18, 2009

Well, I know that feeling... I had the same problem when I was young. But I learned to say 'no'