"Oh Hollywood,you're So Good . ."

What is happening in Hollywood today – wherever it may be : America, England, India – or anywhere ?. Things just seem to be getting out of hand. So much violence and foul language, witchcraft, murders and violence .Why are they making these stupid films. Surely these rich people can teach the world something better – I mean after all these years of practice too. Have they learned nothing (worthwhile) out of life ? And don’t for a moment try and tell me that they are just portraying what is already happening in society. What ,three dead people every night?. And why all the swearing and the disrespectful use of God’s name? We are not like that. I don’t know ONE person who is like that .This seems to be a most unreasonable attitude and one that is contra mores.

But the tragedy is that our children are being robbed of that perspective and with time Hollywood with the aid of it’s new technological effects, will just try and swallow them in completely before the other good things in life (like exposure to nature and values and religion) can safe them .This worries me a great deal – and the fact that there seem to be so very few voices of concern going up against this.


The teacher says to the class that she wants to discuss “How to Write a Poem” with them. She would provide them with some rhyme words and they must choose out of that selection words that will be appropriate to the theme. And the theme today is going to be Hollywood;

“Right children here we go. This my list. Read through it and then go and in your small groups discuss it amongst yourselves and  come up with a poem that contains at least 14 lines and with some of these words.”

BLOOD – We all know and we can all see how much blood we see today in these films What can we rhyme it with? With FLOOD?

MURDER - it’s all about death and murder . .how much FURTHER can we go?

EVIL – so much of these things must surely come from D-EVIL person.

OCCULT: mystical, magical involving the supernatural .Surely that’s a FAULT !!??

SHAME: people who do cannot have any of that, surely ! .Give it a NAME

MONEY: do they still make art, or just money .And that isn’t FUNNY

WITCHES and magic .And why are so many women portrayed as *******

IMMATURE: they mislead the UNSURE ,and we must ENDURE the IMPURE

FILTH: the contaminate the whole world with that. Nothing rhymes with filth.

LAZY: the lazy people and those who don’t care about values and are enslaved to these Hollywood products. It’s CRAZY

JUDGE for yourself: is life really anything like what they are portraying . .as SUCH?

AGENDA: do they have an agenda. Why have these  products of Hollywood spun out of control? These people used to make the most romantic and loveliest movies in the past.
Why can’t these RICH people not think up anything more constructive ?.Think of words like ;CONTRA (MORES);EXTRA (BAD);ERA;COMA – do they think we are in one ?

PSYCHE – surely these huge moving figures on a color screen must have a deep impact on our psyche? Can a teenager ever forget a picture of someone being brutely murdered or the sudden appearance of a stark naked adult in front of him or her .What about MIGHTY!!

GUN: don’t we see a gun in just about every film nowadays. Is that their idea of FUN?

SIN: all these are sinful things .Why must their products always be labeled. What can they WIN with labels like these:?


VIOLENCE: of this there can no longer be SILENCE .Even the dumbest person on this earth must begin to suspect there is something wrong here.

The teacher was quite shocked with poem that they elected as their best effort.

Oh Hollywood,you’re so good!!!

They think you’re immature ,but we know you are cocksure
They suspect you of the occult, but this knowledge is for the adult
They complain about murder, but we know you are not the scourger
They know you’re violent and out of fear they remain silent
They complain about the blood, it’s action - we like it a lot.
They howl about sex and nudity but to us it is just naughty
They think these things are sin, but we wonder where they’ve bin
About sin we learn not much, but we know better than to judge
They say these things will affect our psyche, but how unlikely
They call your ideas filth, but that’s what we the soil will tilth
Now they come with a story about your agenda.And we say :”huh?”
There is no shame, it’s all just a game
And last but not least ,we cannot fault the gun
Oh Hollywood your labels speak to us of such fun!
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2 Responses Jul 24, 2011

When they do manage to get one almost right it is astonishing. And they are almost never perfect. "True Grit" was almost there, but had to have just one bad line. "Molokai" was another excellent one. But the really good ones I could count on one hand. "Narnia" and "Lord of the Rings" were outstanding. Why can't they do more of that ilk instead of the constant stream of rubbish? Excellent lesson, teacher.

Thumbs up!!! This is a well thought out Post of what Hollywood is spitting out today kit. Oh how TRUE! Thanks for writing this!!! : )