Chewing Gum For the Mind

I do watch TV, but selectively.  You really have to hunt for quality.  House, Law & Order, My Name Is Earl, The Office, The Closer.  But wow - 90% of what's on is so bad you feel ashamed of yourself for watching it - especially so-called "reality shows" which have forced standards down to depths that used to be unimaginable.  TVs should come with warning labels, "To Be Used Sparingly."
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Not a moment too soon, AG, for cooler heads to prevail. I know from personal experience that many TV programs have images of people outside - sometimes they're not even on a set, they're ACTUALLY outside! If it's all the same to Ms. Gates, I prefer to enjoy my interactions with the world in a safely formatted, pre-packaged snack pack. I mean, dear God, there are bugs outside!

I think there are TV shows where you can watch people who are outside. That's much safer that actually going outside yourself.

Well - sure - but - aren't there like - people - outside?

Lets all just stop watching tv and go outside for once.

I simply do not lie. Even in my professional work - the closest I come is lies of ommission - or idiotic statements like - "Our aluminum siding VIRTUALLY never needs painting." Honesty is a subject I feel passionately about because I've been the victim of big lies.<br />
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You've touched on a deeply interesting subject. Manic euphoria is a high unlike any other. Many Bipolar people refuse treatment because they get addicted to their highs. But let's not forget that that very same summer I was arrested on the border of Austria and W. Germany and went to prison for drug smuggling. The amount of damage one can do in a manic high is mind-boggling, and it can happen in the bat of an eye, or at least, the bat of a baseball. -- You're right, we started out talkng about TV - but I love digressions.

I was there in the summer - the desert is cold at night but HOT in the day. The bus was bad enough - no A/C - but walking! Yikes. Of course, having a gun toting madman with you can actually be a good idea. I was there in 70, pre-war, but even then the Khyber Pass was completely lawless, run by feudal warlords on horseback, with ammunition belts across their chests and long rifles in their hands. It was a scene.

You are just so adorable that I am forced to give you a big virtual kiss.<br />
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Ironically, I'm half Scot and have crossed Afghanistan by antique American schoolbus not once but twice, from the foot of the Khyber Pass where Afghanistan meets Pakistan all the way to Herat. On the 2nd trip I had a kilo of very fine Afghani hashish with me - but hey - enough about me.

Have you acquired any good new books recently?

I've always been a movie buff - in high school I was introduced to the idea that film could be a genuine art form - I watched Bergman, Fellini, Truffaut, Welles and fell in love with film. With Netflix, being a film buff has never been easier - and everything is available, even the vintage stuff.