Can't Stand It

Watching television, in my opinion, is a complete waste of time. For many, many years, humans survived excellently without television. There are other sources of amusement and information rather than a propaganda-spreading, mind-numbing tube of cathode rays. I simply refuse television in its entirety, because I find no point in it.
LiquidNight LiquidNight
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3 Responses Jul 17, 2007

I agree totally. It's sad to hear people say; 'Nothing on telly tonight, I'm going to be so bored', as if there is nothing in life but TV.

I feel that usualy people that can sit around all day and watch tv is wasting their lives away..people need to learn how to really enjoy life and experience it from their own life.. people who sit around and watch others have no life for themselves.. they are like robots they need to experience life other than wasting their brain on nothing.. people need to be more creative and find themselves not through the damm tv.. that is not what should define their life i think they are lost or just merely just trying to amuse themselves while they just let time past by.. i must be weird but i know in my heart i am very creative I don't need outside influences to reflect on my life..I am me creative and wants to enjoy life outside the tv.. life is too short to sit and watch what other people are doing.. I would rather be the person who can create my own life.. life is too short to sit their and let time go by...

Totally agree. An incredible waste of time. Yet every day millions of people, like robots get plugged it.