No Control Over Camera Angles

When you watch TV, you have no control over camera angles whatsoever. That can get frustrating at times. TV is so non-interactive. You  cannot tell the cameraman what to point to.
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3 Responses Oct 8, 2006

Wouldn't that be great, though? Turn the cam away from that talking-head politico and check out the teleprompter s/he is reading from, the ex<x>pressions of staffers, et cetera. Bit better with webcasting -- during the Occupy marches in NYC, the street cam operators taking cues from blog advice. Needs more development, though, and freedom from the corporate telecom providers.

T.V. and media is like a book... you can't tell the author to change the story to how you like it. It's the cameraman's own talents and abilities that we see. But it's reasonable not to like all that you see. Fortunately thats what the on/off button is for!

How about movies? Or music? Or any other pre-recorded media. Does this same lack of control bother you in these types of media?