Dresses and Business Suits Are For Swimming!

Public swimming pools and water theme parks have a stupid rule:

They require people to wear "swimsuits" that look more like skimpy underwear.  Whatever became of modesty?  Bring back the swim dresses and costumes people used to wear into the water just after the turn of the 20th Century!    If not that, then they should allow people to wear clean clothes of their choosing into the water.  Public swimming pools would make more money, I think, if they sponsored dress-up swim evenings.   Consider the current hot "Trash The Wedding Dress" trend.   Dressed-up swimming is gaining popularity.    Many models are adding photos of themselves all wet fully clothed to their portfolios.   Naked swimming is called "Skinny-Dipping".   I offer a term for fully-dressed swimming:   "Dressy-Dipping"!   Let there be Dressy-Dipping, and let it begin with me!    Getting wet fully clothed or dressed is NOT weird!  It's wonderful!   Everyone should try it at least once!    ;)



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3 Responses Mar 25, 2009

I guess to each is is his own I would not like to go swiming fully clothed. the thought of all the wet clothes clicging to my body. Now nude now we are talking.

The International Fountain in Seattle, WA is a great place to enjoy a good soaking!

I think we miss out on so much fun,we are so worried what someone else thinks what we look like.I tend to think the reason why we can't wear street closes is because Of what they have been washed with,are they clean,will they stay on after being wet,will someone get tangled up in them.The die color bleed in the water.It is to much of a gamble to take a chance.