Please Go Away

so we are under a tornado warning in my county/city.  i heard the sirens and since its supposed to thunderstorm today and maybe tomorrow, i turned on the news, and sure enough, there it is.  we had another one like a week and a half ago too.  i don't think there was any damage, except for flooding from the storm, but i am scared to death to have to go through a tornado.

whats worse is that my truck is still broken and i have to walk to the bus stop to pick up my little one, and i don't want her to be in any danger, but i will do my best like i always do to make sure she isn't too scared.


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Please be safe and careful. I pray that you will remain uneffected dramatically.

We always have tornadoes here where I live in the spring. It does get scary at times. :)

Believe and recieve and anything can mary

Believe and recieve and anything can mary

Ok what I am about to tell you is going to sound crazy,when you fear something you can atract it to you. So please stop fearing for anything, with God for you,what can come againest you? That is where you come in, God has you and even when you think he does not, he does, the realty is that nothing can hurt you or yours,if you persive that I am nuts, it is the world which is nuts, sure your mind allows you to feel,but you can train your mind not to feel anything.people do that sort of thing all the time,most are not consicous of it. I love storms,I love Mother Nature. Those things happen because of the over all consicousness, of this planet. The Mother is just venting what her children are feeding her,which is negative energy,you just need to focus on God,Goddess energy of love light and everything is right. You are ok no storms, will come to you,because I believe in the Goddess in you to push those storms away from you and yours. Have faith and shine your Light from within out to the world, and God,Goddess will clear your path.Love and Light Mary