Don't Like Troublemakers

I just moved into a nice house, My husband and i only had live in there a month until one night a teenager decided to come in the middle of the night and spray paint drawings all over the side of my house. It was some 16 year old boy who lives up the hill from us who everyone has a problem with. He knew we just moved in and was bragging about it to the kids in my neighborhood. We have no proof it was him so theres nothing much to do about it, but now me and my husband has to spend the day scrubbing off some brat's mess. No respect for anything and anyone, it just makes me mad. He sprayed some letters and numbers with pictures of stars and diamonds, he thinks he is in a gang, and the graffiti is crappy. if your gonna graffiti at least be good at it and give me something pretty to look at while im scrubbing it off. I'm just so mad.
mrslovely23 mrslovely23
22-25, F
Dec 1, 2012