Parties to Spend Money On Crap You Don't Need

I don't like tupperware, mary kaye, longaberger, pampered chef, creative memoris, and all those other companies that recruit women to have home parties.  They all sell expensive crap I don't need.  The only reason I get invited is to spend my money so the hostess can get more free crap for her house.  The parties aren't even fun and they're just based on a sales pitch.
Tumblindice Tumblindice
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5 Responses Aug 13, 2007

Kristen needs to go to a Surprise Party, too! She would feel LOTS better! ;)

kristen, that is terrible. Those are the type of people that seem to be around. It is a shame. These are the same people that have the same fears, doubts, insecurites as us, but they are so wrapped up in fitting into an image they never admit it. We are real at least, not fake users. I had a friend that only used to invite me when she had these parties, then after awhile, I didn't even get invited to them because she made other friends that spend more money.

I'd have to agree about the tupperware part though. My mom dragged me to one of those when I was younger. I was bored out of my skull. I'd rather have a party with no theme as opposed to a tupperware theme.

No, I haven't. Those I might enjoy. :)

YOu haven't been to a Surprise Party have you??!! Nothing like a girlie party looking and touching all kinds of s3x inhancers,gag gifts, and such! And it's REALLY fun when you've been drinking a little, and the shiest one of the group starts talking! It's the quiet ones that will really shock you! Followed by the older women! lol. A boys' locker room would blush if they overheard the things gals will talk about!! ;)