HELP I'm Surrounded By Idiots.

These people don't realize that Karma is a mofo.....They take huge dumps in the toilet and leave it as a tribute to the ecstasy they experienced when they relieved themselves.  When choosing a stall I'm destined to view this disgusting mess.  I solemnly swear on a stack of bibles that have been dunked in holy oil and water that I always flush. 


Another reason I hate public toilets is that people pee all over the seat and then I'm forced to clean up behind them because my 6 year old daughter cannot stand up to use the toilet.  She absolutely must use it no matter where we go...this never changes even if I force her to use the bathroom at home before we leave.  Public toilets disgust me.   Nasty people outrage me.



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7 Responses Mar 27, 2009

ewww thats digusting. I wonder if they treat the bathroom in their homes that way.

Oh and another time someone had actualy crapped on the floor!! I'm not kidding! I ran out of there faster than I thought was possible!! lol

lol, I agree. <br />
I used a public bathroom once and someone hadn't flushed the toilet and also written on the wall near the toilet someone had written "I pooped here, jealous?" lol

thats how I feel too...I would rather gather myself and ignore the basic need. I have been pretty good at doing so....but what can I do when its my daughter.

and i did make it a story... with a couple more things added...


LOL I hate usin ANYONE ELSE BATHROOM but mines... so family, friends and public... I just dont like it... because ive seen the most nasty lookin bathroom ever!!!... its had period (or blood) $h!t && pee all over the stall... I was... I am scared for life... every since then its been hold it in ****** ... Thats my name, but since ya'll dont know it i cant use it... lol but dang this is long i can use this for a story... lol copy and paste...