When I Was Growing Up...................

When I was growing up I watched my mother get beat by two different men. They never went after us ( her children) But watching that does things to a child and the one that is being abused.

Needless to say my mother wasn't good at picking her men. Still isn't.

Watching that I decided that I would not be like her. I would choose a man wisely. I would not ever let a man hit me and if he did he would not like the out come.

To this day I can not stand to be around violent people and I hate confrontation.  I would rather walk away from a fight or argument than to go to the extrem of yelling at someone.

I usually keep things to myself to avoid it all together. I hate it because even if things make me mad I say that things are okay. I wish that I could ( and sometimes with the right person, I do) say more of what I am mad about and really let people have it.

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2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

This is the perfect place letting out your anger about those in real life that do affect your that way. Here, or in your blog you can say what you want to start allowing those thought to come to the surface and at least say them to yourself. Baby steps.<br />
You've been programed to avoid because of the ill effects, so you gradually have to learn to be safe when you are letting out your anger. Slow process, but it is possible.<br />
<br />

Think about this:<br />
He who angers you, conquers you.<br />
You are holding your anger in. That is very bad for you.<br />
<br />
Think about not ALLOWING (sorry about the caps) anyone to make you mad. <br />
<br />
If you are disrespected, than whomever is being an a**, he / she does not deserve your respect, right? So, if you don't respect this person, why should what comes out their cake hole matter? <br />
This takes a lot of practice, ignoring things / words that may set you off; but believe me it can be done. And you will feel free!