When I was 17 I wouldn't wear them on occasion and after a while I realized just how much better it was!! SO much more comfortable and nothing tops that sexy feeling of wearing no panties ;)...

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Nothing beats being able to ****** those slacks down with nothing in the way!

You found out how great it is to be free!Love pantyless ladies, way hot!

My daughter stopped wearing panties when she was 17 too. I know because my wife used to nag her to wear them. She's in college now and really only wears them at night when she walks around in t-shirt and thong. I ended up paying fro laser hair removal as well. Over the years, I found that most of her g/f don't wear panties either and they sleep nude. My personal assistant doesn't wear panties either. Seeing her bend over filing is quite enjoyable.

i do that rather often too,started after i started buying thongs i was like whats the point of wearing any

A girl that dont wear panties is one that can hang out with me anytime.

One of my girlfriends used to often go without panties - she used to say that the feeling she had was one of 'freedom' and sexual excitement both at the same time. She would sometimes whisper in my ear if we were out at a fancy restaurant or somewhere similar, where I was unable to do much about it, that she was not wearing panties, and the sexual thrill she gave me at such times was fantastic. Needless to say, the evening always resulted in a great **** !!!

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