Mainly Because I Don't Require Lots of Attention.

I just can't stand when people make a big production just to get attention.  I get attention from like one person most of the time.  That is enough for me.  I certanly don't threaten to hurt myself for people to talk to me.  Why would I want pity friends?!?  I don't want any if that's the case. 

How would anyone like to hear all the time, "My cousin molested me my whole entire life, popped my cherry...  I saw my dad snorting cocaine out of the center console of the car, then his girlfriend while SHE was driving us to the beach...  Soon after my dad stopped having anything to do with me period and destroyed me for life...  My family ignores me and is rude and insulting to me..." 

I just keep that crap to myself.

urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
22-25, F
1 Response Apr 13, 2009

Well, hon... I think some people just need to get it off their chests.