Only Some Mistakes

If I do something that ****** you off, then tell me - I like hearing that kind of mistake, since if you don't tell me, it won't get resolved. 

The kind of mistake I DON'T like having thrown in my face is the kind where I do something that I KNOW is a mistake, or that's so trivial it doesn't matter.  Confront me on stuff that matters, or that's important to you - I'll listen with rapt anticipation, and hopefully I'll grow as a person as a result.

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1 Response Mar 7, 2010

You're right - bringing up the same mistakes over and over again is always a selfish act, since it never helps the person being criticized. I'm guessing a certain friend of yours brought up the same mistakes over and over again as a way to hurt you.<br />
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At the same time, I bring up a few of my dad's mistakes over and over again - and I do it to his face. The reason is that certain mistakes he makes cause me a great deal of pain and harm every time he makes them, and he keeps doing it OVER and OVER again. <br />
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If something I do causes a person so much distress that they bring it up over and over again, then I try to look at the thing they're accusing me of to see if maybe they're right... unless they're a narcissist, in which case they're completely full of ****.