I Am Insanely Angry And I Need To Vent.

My boyfriend and I just got into a huge fight. But before I get into that story, I want to clarify a few details first. My boyfriend and I live together. We got this place together, but only his name is on the lease. He has not had a job for months. I've been paying for everything. So the source of this rant is this: We paid our rent, bought some groceries, and had $5 left out of it. I said we needed to save it in case we needed anything, he disagreed and wanted to buy booze. I said no. He moped. The next day I started my period at work, and knew I would need tampons. I knew we had $5 left so I would be able to. When I got home, the money was gone and my boyfriend reeked of alcohol. Seething, I left him to sleep. Played some WoW, smoked some weed. Decided that I was going to keep the rest of the weed for myself. Now, you're probably thinking, if money was a big deal, why am I buying weed? When we bought it I thought we could afford it. (which we could) That being said, when he came out of the bedroom and spoke to me, I told him not to talk to me and to leave me alone. He asked why, I told him why and that I don't want to speak to him. (Because I know only foul words would leave my mouth) He is so funny, he does this thing where he gets mad at me when I'm mad at him. So he was being a ****, and subsequently I was being a *****. He got mad that I took the rest of the weed. Just a simple conversation would have infuriated me then, but this conversation made me blow up. I informed him that I was breaking up with him. He said okay and decided to leave, but first he wanted "his" (my) apartment key. This man is driving me insane. I threw a glass at him as he was walking out the door. I spent this lovely morning cleaning up glass and crying like a sissy *****. I hate him so much right now.
nepenthe333 nepenthe333
22-25, F
May 6, 2012